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My Vans Getting Smaller

Mr Carrot

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Is it just me or after a few trips in your Oh so spacious lovely new van it feels like its getting smaller. ..This time we took the dogs, they were really good and if they were not outside looking beaten unfed and tied up they were on the floor under your feet lol. The kids returned and dumped items of clothing in any spare space and hubby brought a old pan set from yesteryear just incase. Incase what ???? incase we loose the 3 new ones or incase we have a leak lol Now us women are known to nagg but even i know just incase things take weight. ...My mum head is telling me its all down to organization which is a word nobody but me seems to understand. Do I make a rule list or just sell everybody. ..erm I think I know which one I would like lol. .Ok its not rocket science that moving from a 3 bedroom house to a caravan that its going to be smaller. .but for some reason my kids and hubby have it in their heads that when on holiday you just chill and the fairies and elf's come while your sleeping and sort everything out. ..anybody got kids and these sort of issues I would love to hear how you coped with it all at first. ..

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Hi Chrissie,

You are learning :D . Caravanning is a lot easier, and more pleasant in my opinion, if you tidy up as you go and be a little bit organized. No matter what the size of 'van it is still a relatively small space.

One thing you must not do though, which I suspect we have all done, is going down the route of carrying gear just in case it's needed, or go shopping and think that we could do with one of those just in case. ... Ask yourself, do we really need it? The problem is that it's very easy to go over the 'van's weight limit by adding oddments as they all weigh something. You may already get a shock if you go to a public weighbridge (which I recommend) and have your laden 'van weighed. After all the more extras that you carry means there's less weight capacity for the essentials such as the lager and whisky :D,



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Good reply Ian.


Yes you need to bring out you female Proffesional Naggers Hat (Digs hole ready for incomming) We have a large twin axle and even then with me, management, son and a small Cavilier dog you have to be tidy. Fortunately I have a tidy wife and have long since learned to do as I am told. Ian's point about "do you actually need it" is important. We have paired ours down now and indeed my good lady wife commented on recently that as we can live happily in the van with what we take what the hell do we need with all the rest of our bungalow ?


That paragraph is a bit messy, but I shall not edit it because I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to say. Unless of course my wife sees it in which case I will edit it. :ph34r:

Edited by SuperMike



together with

Management and Lady Faith Finesse, who is a Black & Tan Cavalier KCS - Gorgeous Girl, and my wife is as well.

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Guest Rimmer

best thing to do is wait till the warmer months before taking everyone with you, and THEN you put them in inner tents, so you have the caravn to yourself, all nice and clean and tidy! or, Rules and regs in the caravan, backed up with a small bag only of clothes etc for each occupant.

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We applied the same house rule to the caravan, which was, if things were not tidied away the out came the black bin liner, anything not in its rightful place went in the bag, clothes, toys, food the lot.


It only needed Claire to go under the sink for a bin liner to replace the one in the swing bin, to see the look of panic on the kids faces.


It was remarkable how things stayed tidy, the kids hated the the thought of getting each others clothes and toys mixed up let alone get food on them.


This transferred over to the caravan with little effort, allocate a particular size bag or holdall for everyone, followed with the instruction "Don't take anything you don't need", and ensure that if they have indeed forgotten to take an essential item you don't buy it them whilst you are away, it will focus the mind if they have to wear the same pair of trainers ( or other equally unmentionable items) for a week.


Cruel to be kind - spare the rod - what oh old chap etc, I can remember when I was in Dunkirk. .........................................blah blah blah






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We used to have a "tidy fairy" at home. She'd come round and take away anything not put away properly and it would be missing till she brought it back a week later. The girls soon learnt to put away their toys and bikes after they'd gone without them a time or two.

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I really believe that carvanning showed me how lazy and spoilt my children are ! ! Bits and pieces everywhere ! ! Now with a little experience under our belt they have an allocated area and anything outside of that gets taken to the 'charity shop' in the 'black bag'.... I too have reached to the bin liner drawers and it's amazing what an 8yr old and a 5yr old will do at the thought of losing some treasures ! ! ! I hung the little fabric storage units from my boys bunks and they are brillant. ... any treasures along the travels are stored in these. .... Going by my husbands habits I don't think I could ask any more from the children. .... :lol:

Ranger 540/6. .. Love it dearly!!!

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