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Have you thought of contacting Swift. ..??

They might have the info - as you have had the van replated. .



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Hi everyone, I need some advice for new tyres for a 07 swift Jubilee Viscount Twin axle. The tyre size is 175/65/R14. I have had the caravan replated to 1800kg.

Any advice on make of tyre would be appreciated.


The important thing, other than size, is the load index, which is a measure of the load capability of the tyre. Have a look at the following data sheet relating to tyres


http://www. tyresafe. org/data/files/caravan%2008. pdf


There is a 175/65/R14 listed with a load index of 86, which is capable of 530kg per tyre, which gives you just over 10% margin of the actual load of 450kg per tyre


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As it's a twin axle you'll need Load Index 84, or higher, but for a single axle it would have been Load Index 108, or higher.


Try www. blackcircles. com, www. tyretrader. com, www. mytyres. co. uk or google for event tyres

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