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just joined. We have a 1989 Avondale Mayfly which we purchased nearly 3 years ago, on checking we have found that we have some damp on rear wall - looks bubbly and feels spongy. We had not planned on having to spend out on another van just yet, can I have your comments on what we should do.


A very frustrated caravannner. ......




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Hi Chrissey,

What you should do is all down to you and how much you love the caravan.


I would say get the caravan properly damp checked and then get several quotes on the repair needed. If the wall is spongy the chances are quite high that new timbers maybe required. ...no big deal though. ...


Also check near the floor/wall join to see if that area is affected and also on the outside to see if the aluminium has started to bubble.




If it sounds too good to be true-----it probably is !!!

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I agree with the post above, get a damp check done to fidn out exactly where the van is damp - there could be other masked areas.


Since your van is a 1989 model, the cost of repair is likely to exceed the value of the van - bad point. Good point is that although annoying and time consuming, it is quite easy to repair a damp van at a fraction of the cost yourself. i repaired my first van for about 70-80 quid.


As atom says, if the internal wall board has started to bubble then it is more than likely that part of the wooden frame is rotten, which will need replaced also.



There are other members here who have repaired their vans. I am sure they will be along soon to give their opinions.




Please note that my opinions stated are those of an enthusiast not an expert and humble at that


2006 Hyundai Sante Fe towing a Coachman Vision 580/5

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In the April 09 edition of Practical Caravan there is a piece about repairing damp with a few photos. Might be worth a look?



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