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In Praise Of Towsure

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Not strictly a van accessory - but could be. My trailer tyre decided to split on Saturday - just as I wanted to take half a ton of top-soil to the tip.


Contacted TOWSURE on the net - ordered a new tyre and tube using my 'plastic' friend - and guess what - they arrived this morning - I fitted them, and got rid of the trailer full all before midday.


Not bad service I reckon - and I hadn't even paid for express delivery.




ps mind you - I could have got most of the top-soil in the memsahib's handbag if she'd take the bricks out!

Pity the 'mugger' who makes the mistake of pickin' on her! :D

You can not reason with an unreasonable person.

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I must have spent a fortune with Towsure since they expanded, the idea of having most camping and caravanning equipment under one roof- available either in store or Mail order is a brilliant one and something I have taken full advantage of, however the Stores sited up and down the country are like jumble sales with untrained staff unable to find things on request. Go to the Halesowen store and you will find customers and staff milling round looking for things that never seem to be in the right place. The delivery times are fairly erratic too, Ive waited up to 3 months for one item which was debited for straight away. Having said all that things are deffinately improving and I ve been very impressed lately the last order I put in took 4 DAYS :D Not only that, there is someone at Towsure who will listen to your problems and sort them out = dwalton@towsure. co. uk.

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It might be cheaper if I'd ordered mine, I only went in for a couple of lights and 2 reflective triangles for my trailer. <_<


I should have took the trailer to take all the goodies home :rolleyes:



Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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Oh dear - sorry for those of you that have been disappointed by Towsure's performance.


I ordered a tyre and tube last year (should've realised I would need a second) and on the standard carriage rate they said could take 7 working days to arrive - and they did.


I was just so pleased that the tyre and tube arrived so promptly this time (again, they said could take 7 working days).


Praps I've been served out of turn - sorry.

You can not reason with an unreasonable person.

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I had problems with an order ecently from Towsure because of their courier service APC.



Basically they tried to deliver once, & we were not in, so they left a card.


I rang the next day to be told they would deliver it that day, nothing, and again the following day (friday) I rang, I was in all day & nada.

I eventually rang at 4pm and made arrangements to collect from the depot in Liverpool, a 35+ mile round trip on the saturday.


When I collected the package it had 3 sttempted delivery stickers, one for each day, wednesday, thrsday & friday of that week. Needless to say I had a freak at APC and got a useless "can't be asked" sorry from them, but importantly I rang Towsure, who were not best pleased at this effecting their reputation, and who said they would take it up with APC.


When I use towsure again I will ring to order & ask for another delivery service, if they do one, instead of relying on some lazy APC driver who can't be bothered doign his job and actually delivering goods instead of drinking coffee somewhere.


Rant over.

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Must have been lucky with the courier service in your area.


I too would definitely use Towsure again, and if I get mucked about by the delivery man I'll set the Memsahib onto him. He wouldn't muck her about a second time.


Why is it wimmin can induce more fear wiv their tongues than blokes can wiv their fists?



You can not reason with an unreasonable person.

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It must be naff courier services in different parts of the Country!


I think towsure are great!!


So far (touching wood) we have never had a problem, and have always experienced very quick delivery.

Nissan X-trail 2. 2 DCi - 2005 Adria Altea 502 DK,2 well-behaved boys who I am immensely proud of!!

(Also a 1990 VW Golf Convertible, which definately does not tow anything!!!)


This post is not meant to intentionally offend anybody

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