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Awning Repair...


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Hi all,


During our lovely UK summer last year, we suffered a slight tearing on our sun camp full size awning (location is around the middle roof pole zipper area). So before this years outing I would like to get it repaired.


As it is a heavy lump, I would prefer to take it close by (within 50 miles of Bath) but to date I have been unsuccessful of finding somewhere :(


Could anyone recommend anywhere to take it???


Thanks in advance



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Entwood - thanks very much for that, i will give them a tinkle. . :)

I agree with Entwood, I have used Canvas Repair Centre a couple of times for repair and service is very good.

I have also used them when I have changed caravans and needed the awning size altering. They will add/remove darts of material along the roof to resize and the job they do is very good. There is a limit to the size of the addition/removal of material as adding/removing too much this affects the "fit" of the awning.



Mike Wild. Mazda CX-7 towing Lunar Clubman Saros SB.

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Guest Rimmer

PM sent with details of a fairly local awning repair company.

I have work done by this guy and was very pleased at the price, work and speed.

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