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1.6 Zafira And A Caravan Weighing 1016kg


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My friend has convinced me to buy a caravan which I intend to do but I will be towing it with a Vauhall Omega so I have no worries but I am sure his car is not up to the job for his van.


He has a Deanline Crown with an unladen weight of 1016kg


His car is an 05 Vauxhall Zafira 1. 6 with a kerbweight of 1493kg


He is planning a trip from Leeds to Bridlington and will have himself his Girlfriend and there 4 young kids and all their gear, is he on a hiding to nothing or will he be ok.


Glen :unsure:

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Doing some approximate arithmetic (without knowing the gross weight / MTPLM of the caravan):


1016kg unladen + 200kg payload = 1216kg approximate gross weight > 81% towing ratio which is better than the 85% recommended for beginners.


The Zafira 1. 6 isn't the most spritely car solo so towing performance will be leisurely to say the least.

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According to Whattowcar. com the Zafira has a maximum towing weight of 1150kg so i'd say the caravan is too heavy for the car.


Thats assuming its an early 2005 mark one Zafira, they changed to Zafira mark twos in 2005 and the mk2 only has a 1000kg limit so deffo too heavy.

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