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Not sure if this is the right place or indeed if it's allowed by the rules but I'd like to give a hearty shout out for Bellfield Furnishings. 0870 062 8105.

Last year we bought a year old Avondale 630-6 just after they went under so the price was lower than it is now! :D

Anyway whilst the van itself was in excellent condition, the seat and bed cushions had been badly attacked by their two year old so over the Winter I decided to seek new upholstery, I tried all the advertisers in the magazines and on the net but eventually came across Bellfield, who apparently make a good proportion of all the o. e. caravan upholstery.

They were able to supply a full set of new cushions, not just covers, new cushions! For everywhere, all six berths plus scatter cushions and bunk sides, in a fabric of our choice, using an upgraded foam.

They delivered it to our door, excellently wrapped, in two weeks, at a price that was 30% less than we'd been quoted for re-covering and of course everything fitted perfectly because they had made the originals.

No towing your van and leaving it, or losing the use while the cushions are away, absolutely brilliant.

It's so rare to come across a company like this I felt that they needed some recognition.

It may be that everyone knows about them and I'm just wasting my time, but maybe not, eh?



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Certainly not wasting your time - it is good to hear when people get good service and personal recommendation is the best way of finding what one wants.


Thanks for posting.

Discovery 4 XS SDV6 and Airstream 532 plus 1996 MGF owned since new.

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