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Check Your Water


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Just been away for the first time this year.

I have always drained down and left the taps in the open position over winter and have never had any problems with the water system.

On first filling the system on Friday, I found that the in line water filter had split at the seam and this morning found that the shower tap is dripping.

I can only assume that these fault are from frost damage during the very cold winter we've had.

Check your systems before leaving for your first trips just in case.

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Enjoy yourself, whatever you're doing

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Hi there I was going to check mine out but there is more snow forecast this

week, so I will wait till this wee spell is buy then fire her up . ...

due service on the 18th March then clean inside and get all the junk put back in.

ready for the road and this great weather we are going to get this year ;)

my wife cant understand how I enjoy washing and cleaning van but hate cleaning and painting house

but as we all know the van is special . ..... :lol:

Tommy G

VW Tiguan 140 Manual Sterling Europa 470 Fixed Bed 06

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Hi Rostrevor,

We're away this weekend so will check the water system, but it will be down to the Dealer if there's any damage as they've fitted a new pump so I hope that they drained it down,



Bailey Unicorn Vigo and a 2017 Ford S Max and a Mercedes SLK AMG Sport 9 speed, my mid life crisis solver.

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got my water works checked out by the doctor a couple of weeks ago - pleased to say he told me they were fine :D

Bessacarr Cameo 525 towed by SsangYong Rexton 2.2 auto in Brown.

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In winter I always take the shower head of and leave the hose floor of the shower tray, that way any water just trickles out. Had the mis fortune a few years ago when the shower head split due to a small amount of water left in it. Also leave all taps open and for mixer taps leave them in the middle position.

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