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Plate And Bowl Racks


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I am planning to replace the plastic plate rack supplied in my Swift Conqueror as it is not very practical.

Has anyone found the ideal solution to adequately storing plates and bowls in the overhead locker ?

Have looked at Towsure and other internet offerings but none seem much better.

Have bought 2 chrome wire mug racks which will be OK but struggling to find a better solution for the plates and bowls.

Would welcome any experience here.


2008 Swift Conqueror 540

Kia Sportage XS 2. 7 with LPG conversion.

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Don't know if this helps but I made my own system.




The wooden rack with prongs made from a piece of square wood and dowling, glued together with wood glue and screwed to the base of the cupboard. This supports the plates, saucepan lids and pyrex lid. Plastic baskets also screwed to the base of the cupboard (3 in all) also hold other bits such as cups, bowls and other kitchen bits. None of them can move so they don't slide about.


And for extra assurance, I fitted the small sliding locks as shown (inset) which prevent the locker doors opening during transit.

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we got a good plate rack from O'Leary motothomes, it's like the ones swift used to use. they used to do a bowl one too, but it has been discontinued.

Have posted what I believe are the Swift part nos in the Swift section. Hope it helps.

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Have you tried DIY stores?



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