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Caravan Awning Materials


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Been looking at the various awnings and more impotantly their material content.


Some seem to have part acrylic mix an some 100% acrylic sides and some even have mix or full acrylic roofs


Some have Polyester roofs and some (Isabella - ambassador for example) have a Polyester / PVA mix.


Which in theory is better and what more importantly is the difference ?

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Horses for courses. Isabella expereince.


a full polyster awning looks very prisitne and sharp and I would imagine easiest to keep clean, but they condensate like a sauna.


most common is to have a polyster /poly mix roof material, and then acrylic sides. this allows a durable roof and breathability off the sides


so it is a comprimise.


next time you are on the venture stand/showroom have a look at the Atlantic and Pacific models that is the most stark comparison I can find between the two approaches. the polyester (Pacific) looks great but knowing about the condensation would put me off buying one.

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Polyester is tougher and easier to clean than acrylic and has a tighter weave. But as previously stated is less breathable. A lot of seasonal awnings are 100% polyester.


Isabella is, as far as I know the only one to use reinforcing lines on the window foil, all the others are just painted on.


I also prefer a fibre pole system to steel or alloy. I know it’s a bit more expensive, but well worth it.

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