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Freelander Cycle Carrier


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I want to get the weight of 2 mountain bikes out of the caravan onto the Freelander [06] TD4, by using a spare wheel mounted carrier. The problem seems to be that the frame of the carrier, which fits over the top of the spare wheel, might foul the ‘high rise’ rear light.

Has anybody any experience of the sort of set up I am seeking? Or can propose a solution?

My car is garaged a long way from the house, so I have no immediate means of checking

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The issue here may not be the fouling of the light. ... I did hear in the dim and distant past that it was not recommended to use spare wheel carriers on rear doors as they can put extreme strain on the door hinges and the door can drop out of alignment. .. or am I talking rubbish??!! :huh:

Mike Wild. Mazda CX-7 towing Lunar Clubman Saros SB.

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