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New Towcar Advice Required


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It's car change time, and with Citroen having seen fit to drop hatchbacks and (worse) pneumatic suspension from all but the top spec C5s, I'm looking elsewhere.


I'm not willing to suffer the inflexibility of a saloon car and I have neither the inclination or the wherewithall to opt for the top of the range Estate.


So, suggestions please for a replacement?


My local Motorpoint outlet has some really attractive deals on low mileage 58 plate Mondeo 2. 0 Tdcis in different specs and I'm leaning heavily towards one.


I'm put off a bit by the spacesaver spare and first impressions are that comfort standards are not up to Citroens'.


All opinions/advice appeciated!

2017 BMW 520d GT. 2012 Pegasus Milan

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I am very happy with my new Mondeo Zetec 2. 0l TDCi. Went out for the first time with the caravan this week and in my opinion there is no more I can ask from this car, its exceed my expectation.

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I had a 2002 C5 Exclusive Estate 2. 2 and changed for an X Trail. I liked the suspension on the C5 and the ability to raise and lower the tow ball from the boot. Mine one though was thirsty and got through front tyres very quickly and I also found it a bit sluggish


My friend bought a new Mondeo Dci last year (140 bhp ?) and we have taken it to Southern Ireland 3 times now towing a 15' fishing boat (1,00 Kgs ?) and it's first class. It's about 1,000 mile round trip for us every time and we do it over a 4 or 5 day period mostly on motorways in England and some atrocious rural roads in Ireland. It drives and handles superbly and is economical. I also understand from my friend that servicing is much cheaper than Citroens and I assume also spares.


We drive the 320 odd mile to Holyhead with no stop just a quick change of driver and although I like my comfort find it OK and until last year we went about 10 times in a V70.


If it was heavy enough to pull my van, 1,550 Kgs, I would have a Mondeo.



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We have a 2. 0Tdci Mondeo Estate which we haven't towed with yet but solo is all we could want, it's quiet, comfortable, has a huge boot and despite its size is a doddle to drive. There are some amazing deals around on both new and nearly new so is well worth a look.




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For the last 4 years, I have used a VW Touran as my towcar (and only car). It was a 1. 9 tdi 105 bhp. Our caravan has a MTPLM of 1430 kg, and pulled it comfortably. The only downside was it being a 7-seater, so having no spare wheel.


So I ordered a new Touran, same spec EXCEPT it is a 5-seater and has a properly stowed, full sized spare wheel. I took delivery on March 1. If it lives up to the previous car I will be more than happy.

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