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Jackpads - Fitting

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I bought a set of jack pads from the NEC yesterday. Opened the box today to have a look at them and there are no instructions for fitting. The box just says ensure arrow marks direction of travel. The pads are light grey Exel extra large.


They come with a short plastic rod (about 10cm length) and on one end of each rod is a double ball separated by about 1cm. I assume that I just locate each pad on the steady and push the rod through until the 1st ball has gone through the hole on the jack pad?


Is this right?


Many thanks


David, Callum and Connor (NRF)

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Thanks,as usual i paid too much!!!! :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:




A tip if you snap one of the pins (and recover the pad) as these are not generally available. Take a short length of 10mm plastic pipe (the sort play tents use) warm up the end with a gas match or similar and bend over about 25mm. Fit the pad with the pin to the foot of the steady and warm up the other end and bend it over. Job done.



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