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Battery Charger. Sargent/swift Technical


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Following on from a thread in caravan chat.


I have my van on storage on the drive, I have been connecting the van to the mains on for a week off for a week to keep the battery charged for the alarm and tracker.


I went on the Van on Monday to check everything and the control panel above the door had lots of funny characters. ?//* etc.


I disconnected the power (Mains) and the control panel would not turn on.


I removed the battery and it was completely dry, it was topped up in november. it appears having the mains connected to the van for a week the charger has gassed the battery dry. IS this expected. I understood the battery charger is only 13. 5V so should in theory not overcharge a battery.


Am i looking at a faulty charger or a faulty battery ?. Im reluctant to buy another battery and then the same thing happen again.







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Ian Sargent will be along soon with an answer on this,



Swift Group Website: www. swiftgroup. co. uk

Swift Group Handbooks: www. swiftgroup. co. uk/caravans/handbooks

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Hi Peter, if the charger is the Nord charger, then this is 3 stage charger and as such would allow the charge voltage to go above 14v during the bulk charge stage but this should then drop back to 13. 8v to maintain the battery in good condition. I think the first thing to do is to establish what the charger voltage is, as the control panel has stopped working this, without the use of a multimeter will be difficult, but if you could give me a call in the morning I will try to get the panel working to allow us to perform this.


Contact Techincal 01482 678981 or send me a PM and I will ring you.


Best regards


Ian Sargent

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Hi pbeecroft,


We should be able to help you out if the Charger has gone faulty.


On the reverse of the charger should be some serial numbers for our identification. Can you tell me what the numbers are?


They should be along the lines on 1432. XXX. XX


I can then get the process rolling for a replacement.





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