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Protex Puncture Sealant


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Anyone got any view on this? Protex is a liquid sealant installed in each tyre which, in the event of a puncture (around the tread area of the tyre) will seal the puncture PERMANENTLY.


I've been quoted £50 for average family car to £70 for a 4x4 and £20 for a caravan. They can do this as anywhere as they are mobile.


http://www. protex. uk. net/





David, Callum and Connor (NRF)

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Just had a look at the website but it does not seem to tell me much. I can see how it could stop a small puncture if say you got a nail or bolt in the tyre. What would worry me about caravan tyres is what happens if you get sudden deflation because of tyre faliure rather than puncture. Unless I was doing something wrong I would have like the website to tell me about this.



David - Milton Keynes

Bailey Alliance 66-2 Motorhome for holidays and a Kia Venga for home.


Caravan Travels

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I use punctureseal they have franchise all over, I use http://www. punctureseal-sheffield. com/ it will give you a good idea what Puncturseal does :D and they come to you.


Also Ultraseal but you have to go to them, and they are dearer :huh:.



Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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"In the endeavour to achieve recognition for the Punctureseal product and in conjunction with numerous ballistics experts, it achieved the seemingly impossible and made an ordinary pneumatic tyre bullet resistant. The result of the testing programme was an amazing achievement which conforms to the requirements of the BS5051 'Ballistic' Standard - a world first for a tyre safety product!



That'll be handy.


Some rough places about. ......haha.

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