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Ventilation And Microwaves


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We have an almost brand new Fleetwood Heritage 640CB.


The microwave is tightly built in to a cupboard with no ventilation.


Whilst using the microwave last week it stopped working. On taking the microwave out of the housing we discovered it was sopping wet in there, as was the plug socket and alarm wiring that we found behind it !!!!


The distributor and manufacturer say it's okay to build a microwave in so tightly without ventilation - I think it's probably not, but I'm no expert.


Has anyone else had any trouble with a built in microwave?


Has anyone else got a built in microwave but has ventilation in the cupboard top or sides?


I'd appreciate your comments.

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If you look at the operations manual for any domestic microwave, it'll specify clearances of about 50mm at sides, back and top. Caravans are fitted with domestic microwaves so shouldn't be any different.


Find out details from the manufacturer of the microwave, it must by law be on the rating plate, usually at the back. Contact them to find out their recommended minimum clearances and then get back to Fleetwood.


All microwaves have vents which can produce quite a lot of steam during use. If your microwave is fitted tightly in a cupboard, it's a design fault.


You need to consider rejecting the caravan as "unfit for purpose" and getting your money back. You need to contact Trading Standards and/or Citizens Advice.


Good luck!

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I've known a house destroyed by fire when condensation collected in the control panel of the microwave and short circuited. I know it sounds extreme but have a forensic report to prove it!!


I'm not saying that microwaves in caravans will catch fire but I think its important to understand what the suppliers of the equipment stipulate in terms of installation.




David, Callum and Connor (NRF)

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Iv'e used microwaves a lot in our caravans. The ideal place is the awning if the weather is good.

We wouldn't put a microwave in a cupboard at home, let alone a caravan. .....there is far too much moisture generated in the cooking process.

I agree with the previous comments, seems needlesly risky to me. I would also worry about damp collecting in the enclosed space. .. very undesirable in a caravan, . ..it could spread.

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