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Help Needed Please


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HI folks


Just a quick question, can any one tell me the kerbweight and max tow of a 04 passat estate 110bhp auto, thinking of buying it but not sure if its a good match for a Bailey pagent provance with a mtplm of 1420. All sites i checked list only 100 or 130 bhp models




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Not heard of an 04 110bhp engine and there is none listed on the VW website of curent models which I don't think are any different to 04 models, so I guess its actually the 100bhp TDi. For the weight you are talking about you really need the 130 PD TDi engine. Then you would not have any problems. The kerbweight will be around 1600Kg depending on exactly which model you are talking about.


For kerbweights see here



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