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Recommended Brands For Leisure Batteries?


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Not really a recommendation because I dont have one. But, CostCo are doing BOSCH 110a leisure batteries with a 2 year warranty for £44 inc. VAT.


At least it's a make that you've heard of, which isn't necessarily the case with leisure batteries !

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I bought the Bosh 110 amp leisure battery yesterday out of Costco for £44. 63 inc vat very pleased with it. I've fitted into my caravan tonight and all is well.

This is a very good price I think for a brand name battery. I looked around before buying and settled on the Bosh. This was the cheapest 110 amp I could find.



I'm beginning to feel that there's so little independent evaluation on any caravanning product that manufacturers must think we've all got more money than sense!


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So why is it impossible to find a test of leisure batteries and difficult to get caravanners' opinions?


It's fairly easy to establish that Yuasa make the best for burglar alarms, etc and that Delphi (ex Delco) make the best aftermarket batteries for cars.


Do others just accept the local dealers' offering without any research, regardless of price?

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