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Tow Car/caravan Cover


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Hi all


I am looking at Car caravan cover, I have looked into the RAC and AA Cover.


Does anyone have any recommendations on cover for car/caravan cover.



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Hi Peter

I believe the AA have more restrictions on caravan length. The AA relay service is a relay service where the RAC will take you straight home. The other one to consider is Greenflag. I believe I am correct in saying Greenflag are the only ones that will cover a caravan breakdown (ie wheelbearing failure on caravan etc)


Hope this helps




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Hi Peter,


We have been with Green Flag,Mayday,National Breakdown,Car Recovery Club and its earlier incarnations for more years than I can remember (30+).We have only needed them once in that time and they could not be faulted. We have personal cover extension which covers us both for any vehicle we drive, or are a passenger in. :)



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we are also with greenflag mayday service and can only thank lady luck that we joined them when we did.

On june of last year we ventured off to sunny wales from central scotland. All was well until the day before we were due to come home. After driving down we decided to do the return journey in 2 legs. We were going to head for chester on sunday morning, but on saturday night the clutch failed on our audi with no warning at all. We called greenflag and they towed us to our caravan site. He then told us to phone them back about an hour before we were ready to head home and report a breakdown follow up call. They came to the small CL and put our audi on the back of the truck and attatched the caravan to the back of the truck to tow it.

The driver then took us the 9 hour journey home. All of this for the cover of £62.

The thing that made me thankful, was that we only cancelled our AA membership a day before heading for wales and it saved us £30 in comparison to the AA.

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I was with the RAC until i read about the caravan length limit.

I joined Mayday (Green Flag).

I rang the RAC to tell them i would not be rejoining and was told that. ...if you are a member of the Caravan Club, you get a discount from the RAC and they waver the caravan length limit. :rolleyes:

Thing is I'm happy with the service i get from the CC and have all our insurances through them. ...house, caravan and three cars. :)


ATB, Lee

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We have been with Green Flage for many year's, through Saga insurance, broke down in France 6year's ago thy were brillent put us on a low loader took us back to the camp took the car to the garage repaired it with no hassel. so have been with them ever since. :)

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