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Shower Curtains


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Here's another for the smallest room.


1. We have a centre loo which is tight for space (or at least my body is too expansive) and I suffer from 'clingy shower curtain syndrome'. So obtain a piece of 10mm plastic tubing, which is about 10mm longer than the width of the shower room to hold the curtain back over the bench toilet by flexing it between the walls. This prevents attacks by the curtain. We also slide this in the front centre locker handles to prevent them opening in transit.


2. Cut a piece of 21mm plastic overflow piping the width of the shower room and use a pair of plastic wardrobe rail clips to mount it above the loo. This provides an ideal rail for drying your damp towels and is easily removed. (Get it in the right place and it can stay there)




Oops, got two of these on - please remove one - Mike

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