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Cleaning My Awning


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Has anyone any ideas how we clean our awning. Last season we were under trees and our awning is now covered in a green deposit from them we went to Barron and bought some fenwicks awning cleaner and rewaterproofer. Thats about as far as we have got our awning is down at the moment but how do we clean and reproof it we have dried it out at home but our garden is not big enough to lay it out to clean is it better to wait until we re erect the awning then clean and reproof

can any one help. :mellow:

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Hi I have never cleaned an awning but I have done a few tents and a folding camper this method works with Grangers cleaners but Fenwicks are probably the same. erect your awning get a new bucket and sponge wash the awning as you would a car the roof may be difficult to reach you could use a brush on a handle but dont use anything that has ahd car or caravan shampoo on it. rinse with a hosepipe. once dry apply proofer i use a garden spayer again get a new one. dont get any of the proofer on the awning wndows or your caravan.


note if your awning did not leak before you clean it cleaning will not damage the waterproofing so you may not have to reproof.


Regards Keith

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I know this is a bit "shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted" but we always take time to check our awning when we take it down - if it has got any gunge on it we deal with it there and then (usually just a damp cloth will suffice if the stain appeared recently).


We do this in two stages

- have a walk round and look at the side panels before taking the awning down, deal with any obvious problems before you start to dismantle.

- when you've removed all poles and the awning is hanging flat against the side of the van, inspect the roof and clean off any obvious dirt or spots, before removing the awning from the caravan side.


It adds a few minutes to the awning pack up process, but we found "little and often" works for us !




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I haven't needed to clean my awning before, but I reproof it every year with Fabsil. It is £12. 99 for 2 and a half litres from Millets, which will last two seasons. I just pour some into one of those sprayer bottles with the pump action on it.

I found that the easiest way to do the roof is by threading the awning onto the caravan and leave it hanging down the side of the caravan without the poles attached. I then have complete access to the roof. Once the roof has been sprayed, I put up the poles and peg down. I then spray the sides and leave to dry. It is a bit pongy but once it has dried it is ok. :)

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