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Bulldog Euro Wheel Clamps

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I have just bought a bulldog euro clamp for my caravan and whilst putting it on I thought yes very good and stoping the wheel but what about a thief coming along and just changing the wheel as it doesnt cover any of the wheel nuts.


I wish I had thought of it in the shop as I wouldn't have bought it and the shop is an hours drive away from me. I know I have 2 other wheel clamps on my caravan but I wanted this one as a quick clamp to put on if I ever stopped in a service area etc.

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Get yourself a locking wheel nut. You will only need one for each wheel. That should stop someone taking your wheel off.




And when you get your locking wheel nuts dont forget to leave your key for them with the dealer when you leave the van with them for its service !! :huh:




David, Callum and Connor (NRF)

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Guest macSpot

We bought a Euro Clamp and the dealer told us we would need some locking wheel nuts before we bought it. As it happened the van has alloy wheels so I already had decided I needed some locks on them anyway. I wanted a lightweight clamp that was quick to put on and off for those quick stops.



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We have a Euroclamp and have been very pleased with it. Yes, locking wheel nuts are essential for this to be effective. I had to shop around to find some locking wheel nuts that could not be overcome by the serious thief. The SAS with a puzzle lock type fitting seem to be very good and they are Sold Secure "Gold" rated. The Bulldog ones have a spindle which extends from the centre of the bolt for the nut to be guided onto the bolt, this is a gift to a thief as it looks as if it would be possible to grip this and undo the nut. The SAS have a sleeve around the outside of the bolt which rotates freely and even if you were able to grip it, it would simply spin on the nut. As with all devices they only buy time for the thief to overcome them, but these SAS do seem to be the best I have seen on the market.

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I have a Euroclamp and bought a locking wheel nut with it. They come in pairs but obviously you only need to put one on the side you put the clamp on. I have them on both wheels.


I find it a good, lightweight(ish) clamp for use on site and at home. It's used in conjunction with a leg lock and hitch lock.

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