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Caravan Alarms

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Greetings All,


Some advice please on Caravan Alarms.


My Dealer only fits the SAS alarm for £145


I was thinking of the Concept Kel as this overall seems to be the one recommended.


Any views on the SAS would be appreciated.


Kind Regards.



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Hi Dave


I have the concept kel alarm that I fitted myself. (very easy.)


If you have a trawl around the forum you will find loads of threads on all the different alarms together with loads of views.




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I was also in the same position trying to decide which alarm to fit and like you posted a note on the system to try and get some information. People were very good and gave feedback on various sytems. I finally decided to go with the Concept Kel and all seems to be working well. The components all seem to be of high quality and the instructions to fit are clear and easy to follow. I had one query over the wiring of the awning light for which I rang and spoke to Keen Electonics who were very helpful and quickly described the solution in simple terms, a good service and one that gives confidence for any future dealings with them. One of the key issues is the zero delay time on entry, no time for anyone to attempt to find the unit and disarm it before the neighbours are woken up by the 120db alarm which is a penetrating din. I will post any further details of the system as and when anything of note comes to light.

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