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Towsure-first Class Service

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A couple of years ago I went down to the Black Country to get some stuff from the Towsure shop so it was quite a trek. What a mistake? All the stuff seemed jumbled up and they only had one of the items that I had on my list. ..and they did not seem to know where the stuff was.

However the mail order has been top notch. When I phone up they tell me whether they have it or not and if not how long it is likely to be. The stuff arrives quickly. When I had a problem with a naff Hitch drive it was sorted quickly and without fuss.

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I can give towsure high praise as well. It is just a shame that everytime I go to their Southampton store it is being refurbished.


I did have trouble with a digital voltmeter where the digital display was broken and I emailed them and never got a reply so I still have a broken volt meter!


I know it was only £6 but even so. Though I will say that their prices are much lower than anywhere else.

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I have found the Towsure service excellent, the service of their chosen couriers APC awful.


Ordered something on Monday evening, had 1 attempted delivery on wednesday and despite me ringing on thursday & friday no further attempts. Finally made a 35 mile round trip to collect the package today & when I got home it had not 1, but 3 attempted delvery, card left stickers. A phone call to the depot go a rather poor apology, so a phone call to Towsure telling them nicely that this reflects badly on them means they will hopefully address the problem from their end.


I'd use them again, but if I get the same very bad service from the courier then I probably won't bother. Its about a 40 mile round trip for me to go to Barrons in Coppul, so if I have to drive to collect towsure parcels each time, I'll probably just use Barrons instead.

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A friend of mine told me as a Camping and Caravanning Club member he got a further discount at the Towsure shop. Does anybody know if this is indeed the case as I must admit I can find no mention of it in the catalogue.



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I find that Towsure is getting a tad expensive, even with the CC discount, however they carry a very good stock, are friendly, fair and efficient, (Sheffield branch) :)


They used to be my first call, now I phone around for the best price, so I don't go quite as often (shame :( ).



Paul B

. .......Mondeo Estate & Elddis Avanté 505 (Tobago)

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