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Car And Caravan Insurance While Towing


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hi all



can anyone recommend who to go with for car and caravan breakdown insurance??does any breakdown insurance guarantee to give u a car with a towbar if u breakdown?? i would appreciate any info . .thanks


tracy :rolleyes:

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Guest john1215

We always use Red Pennant when we go abroad, otherwise we use an organisation called GEM. Red Pennant is absolutely brilliant. We paid £157 last year to cover us for 3 weeks in France, we didn't need it but a close fiend paid the same amount and they needed it. They broke down at Oxford on the outward journey and rang red pennant (run by CC), after a few hours wait they sent them a recovery truck to recover their LR Discovery back to their home. Then they sent them a new towcar, Renault Laguna 2. 2 diesel turbo for them to carry on to the ferry post. They were too late to catch their booked ferry so red pennant rang the ferry company and booked them onto an overnight ferry at no extra cost. They used the replacement towcar in France and to return home, this car also brokedown, 20 miles from home so a recovery vehicle was sent to bring everything back. Their own car had been parked on the driveway and keys left with a neighbour as instructed. That service starts as soon as your car doesn't, wherever you are. It is expensive but very good.



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Just finished looking at caravan breakdown insurance

Most will cover your car if it breaks down, & recover your caravan.

If the fault is with the caravan, the only one I could find that will come out is the CC

I wanted cover that would come out whether the fault was with the van or car so I went to CC

Not sure if the cheapest

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