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I looked at various caravan movers before settling on a powrtouch from what I read all the hitch drive type movers are pretty poor. I guess that's why you see a lot of second hand ones for sale.


If you do decide to go for one try and have a go on it first before you buy.




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is it any good


Hi caveman

Save your money the hitch drive only works on DRY concete / asphelt and a flat surface, any other conditions forget it


I have one now dumped up in the Loft tried to get a refund under the sale of goods acts "unfit for the purpose " you can buy them on E bay or try and buy mine.

If your van is light weight type it may work.


I would use your £250 towards a motor move,



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I tried one of these when they first came out and even with an empty caravan on a near flat surface it failed to get any grip or traction. I can see why the other respondants have said what they have, it looks to be a poor idea. They have modified it to have a plate on the mover which you stand on to apply additional down force, it all looks a bit of a strange concept as you would normally keep away from the A frame to avoid any injury as it does not always move in a smooth predictable manner.

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