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Nose Weight Discussion

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The nose weight limit of my car was an extremely low being only 60kg I presume this is as a result of a large boot overhang and soft rear springs (built for comfort rather than handling).


I generally tow with the front locker empty and with most the weight in the car in this way I can achieve a 60kg nose weight.


This is totally at odds with the recommended 7% rule which puts the nose weight anywhere between 80-100kg dependant on how much the van is loaded.


As there are only 2 of us and most the weight is carried in the car we operated near the lower of these 2 figures.


Experimenting with various nose weights last summer the caravan felt more stable with a higher nose weight of around 75kg, this bears out the recommended 7% rule.

To stiffen up the suspension this winter I fitted spring assisters to beef things up a bit.

Although the car never seemed to sag excessively even when operating at this higher weight (I presume as this was due to no rear passengers).


Am I right in assuming the nose weight allowance will increase now I have fitted assistors and if so by how much? or do I need to do a little experimentation with how much the rear of the car sags and how stable the van feels with various loadings.


Your assistance would be appreciated.



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The recommended/maximum static noseweight in my Passat handbook is 85kgs. The Witter towing bracket installed after the car was purchased, has a label stating the same figure. This maximum is due to the design of the structure/towbar and not the stiffness of the rear suspension. Fitting supplementary springs will reduce any rear end sag but will not increase the maximum noseweight allowed. :(

The noseweight will vary during towing due to many factors including pitching,aerodynamic effects and braking. These will have been considered during testing of the vehicle/towing bracket combination,the result of which is the static noseweight limit. :)


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THis question of low nose weight on X-types has been raised before. It may be a function of the long overhang at the back. Ideally, the towball should be as close to the rear axle as possible for satble towing and the X-type (and other Jags suffer in this respect).


You do not say which model of X-type you have but the kerb weight ranges from 1450-1595Kg and the MTPLM weight of the current model Arizona is 1472Kg so you could be towing at close to 100% ratio, although your model Arizona may be a bit less, so you need to be careful with this combination.



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