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Query about power supply to TV amplifier

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My TV amplifier is no longer working. I've had a multimeter to it and it's showing 13.7 volts coming through the power cable (and it is switched on).  It shares a 5 amp fuse with the radio in the PSU and the radio is working, so I'm guessing the fuse is okay and the amplifier is shot. I was reading up on them (Vision Plus V2) and they include the following text.....


The amplifier requires a 12-24 volt power supply from a fused auxiliary outlet fed from the battery. If wiring direct to a battery we recommend an in line fuse (max 5A) on the positive wire. If unsure please consult with a qualified installer.


Is the fuse referred to the one in the PSU or is there "another" fuse connected between the PSU fuse and the amplifier?  Also, I'm thinking of getting a V3 instead of a V2 - that won't be a problem will it?





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47 minutes ago, Paul90125 said:

Also, I'm thinking of getting a V3 instead of a V2 - that won't be a problem will it?

Exceedingly unlikely that the caravan maker included a second fuse for the amplifier, not to mention unnecessary.    Changing to any other VisionPlus amplifier is very straight forward and uses the existing power cable.  

May I suggest that VP4 with signal finder (£31) has the same footprint, fixing holes and connections as your existing VP2 (£24).   If you are specifically looking for the extra AE connections provided by VP3, then VP5 (£36) is the signal finder version of VP3 (£29).  


The very first modification I made to our new caravan was to swap the supplied VP3 out for a VP5 - its signal finder feature works impressively well.

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The OP has not said whether the LED on the amp is lit or not?

The VP2 carries only TV signals, so if the radio still works it must have another aerial (is there a bee-sting on the roof?)

Using a VP3 or VP5 is a direct swap. They have one radio and three TV outlets, all four outlets carry FM/DAB/TV but the radio outlet is not amplified. If the signal is weak the radio can be connected to a TV outlet to get the benefit of amplifier gain.

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