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French campsites.

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Anybody use a French pitch for a caravan but also set-up a reasonable sized tent on it for their kids?

French pitching Law prohibit this??...open to the knowledgeable peeps on this forum please-anybody seen this type of set up?

I have tried to phone the Caravan Club but nobody seems 100% sure....

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On my experience over many years not a single French campsite has objected to, or charged for, awnings and pup tents.

In fact it's almost the norm to pay for a single pitch and erect as much as you can on the plot.

Much more laissez-faire

Others may have had different experiences.

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Never had any problems with awning and pup tents as long as it is all on the pitch.


Have had pitches that were so small there was only room for the van but they do appear to be getting better.



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Choose formal sites with defined hedged pitches and the space will be limited.
Choose informal sites in open fields and orchards and you will have all the space you want.

Choose carefully !

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Many thanks for peoples inputs : thats great news !

Rather than waste more space on this forum can somebody close this thread.

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