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Does anyone know if the validity period of the  20/21 vouchers has  been extended? The vouchers say Dec 21 but possibly there has been an extension.I have 4,maybe a few more,that I will not use.If anybody could use these please get in touch.

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I saw on face book that they have been extended until end of 2022.

If I can find the letter I will copy and paste.

You could also give the club a ring!

2019 Bailey Platinum (640) Phoenix from Chipping Sodbury caravans, towed by our  2017 my Discovery Sport!


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The UK site vouchers have been extend to 2022, not sure about the overseas ones. Perhaps best to ring the Club direct or as the question in the Overseas section of Club Together.



David - Milton Keynes

Bailey Alliance 66-2 Motorhome for holidays and a Kia Venga for home.


Caravan Travels

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Kind offer R&B but the last ones I received had my name printed on them and pretty sure T&Cs don’t allow.


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