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End of season


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We’d been at our static continuously for four weeks prior to the closedown. Closedown on our site was actually today at noon but we headed home yesterday as we have a long way to travel and prefer to do it on a Sunday.

blimey, Sunday was sooooo busy, the rain lashed down, lots of motorway queues due to fallen trees and debris, heaving service stations...

Anyhow, we made it home and I’ve made inroads into all the laundry 🙄 today, still got about three or four loads to do.

We will be going back to our static in a couple of weeks to close it down properly, our site allows you to stay from mid day Friday to mid day Monday all through the closedown period. We’ve never bothered before as we live so far away but this year we have a new grandchild due in two days so will be heading down to see the baby ASAP once it’s born.

our dog will be with the dog minder at home so it’ll be a tad easier to do the necessary at the caravan without him.

the site will be doing the drain down for the princely sum of £25, and we’ll do a thorough clean of everywhere, take the voiles down to wash, and generally leave everything in good order ready for 1st March when the site reopens.


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Sounds like a great plan.


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