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Day 2 Covid Tests - PCR & Lateral flow

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Two parts to this post, previous testing and future testing, hopefully this doesn't upset too many people.


So previous day 2 testing (PCR), what are peoples views, obviously there's the cost but has it been successful and has any of the testing been followed up? The reason I ask is how many people have failed to complete the day two test and have they been contacted?


Future (from24th Oct) day 2 testing (LAT), what is the process, I've read an article that you now have to submit a photo of you taking the test and NHS tests are not acceptable, is this the current process? If it is what's the value of the Locator form, and is the reference to not using NHS tests just to stop everyone rushing to the pharmacy to get a free test, if you have these tests how will they know if they are a NHS test or not? If NHS test are not acceptable is it because they are not very good? (I already have these tests)


Final point lets just suppose ;) someone has purchased day 2 PCR tests, the reference numbers were submitted on a previous locator form but the actual tests were never used or submitted. Does the locator forms do any form of validation of the PCR reference number, is it a valid reference number, has the reference number been submitted/used previous? In summary can the PCR test be used for 2nd trip? 

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We submitted our PCR day 2 tests a week ago. Got the results last Thursday (both negative) and have had no contact otherwise. Though with negative results, I wouldn't really expect anything.

Incidentally, our tests were the £28 Expert Medical ones that got the bad press. However, ours arrived and were processed without any bother.

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 In regards to the PCR booking reference number I don’t think you could get away with using it twice. I transposed 2 numbers when I completed my locator form last month, the number was rejected as I tried to move onto the next box to be filled, so clearly there is some form of checking the numbers validity!  I would assume there is a means of checking as it can only be done on-line and requires a passport number. Our passports were electronically scanned on our return to the U.K. so that scan must have been “linked” to our locator forms because we were not asked to show them on our tablets/phones which we were required to do at BF check in at Ouistreham


We completed our PCR tests and sent them off (normal post, the Post Office refused to accept them for recorded delivery!)  The results came back a few days later, never heard another thing from anybody but as they were negative I could see no reason for any follow up.


Cant see how a photograph could prove a test has been completed satisfactorily, a photograph captures an instant in time. If you know you have Covid you could just get a sample from a none Covid sufferer and take a photograph of their result and say it’s your result couldn’t you? 


Our PCR tests were also “Expert Medicals”  results, they were back within three days



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5 minutes ago, Mr Plodd said:

  Our passports were electronically scanned on our return to the U.K. so that scan must have been “linked” to our locator forms because we were not asked to show them on our tablets/phones which we were required to do at BF check in at Ouistreham

 On our most recent return through the Tunnel, at the scan of our passports by UK Border Force we asked if they wanted to see our Locator Forms. They didn't need to as they had the form in front of them on the screen. 



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Just checked and there doesn't appear to be any verification of the PCR verification number.

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fwiw ...

Have just returned 3/10/21 from sunny & cv19 strict Lanzarote. We therefore followed all the 'older' rules & have had no contact - as others UK Passenger Locator on Computer screen at UK Border. Interesting that all three 'over 60's' couples at our Hotel we spoke with were all were using relatives to assist them with complicated testing procedures & completing Locator forms - emailed to Hotel Reception for print outs. 

I feel that the tedious 'out & back' Passenger locator forms to travel overseas are now here to stay for good, unless rules change as we are now post Br***t. Hopefully at some point soon the CV19 section will be amended off. Simpler & clearer (ha ha ha !) rules on Testing now might help.

I really do doubt there is any correlation or checks happening between the currently totally un-supervised private  negative tests albeit of the double jabbed in-coming travellers. 

Whilst the current CV19 testing system has many clear loopholes, and would be a huge task to properly monitor, you still should follow the official Gov.UK notices & rules at the time and not what is printed in the Papers or on the Internet.


NB Our friends (both x2 jabbed) both poorly but recovering at home now after positive CV19 tests = certain was contracted at school gates in Leeds when picking up a grandchild (all without masks). We are still wearing our masks in public situations. 

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Oh those passenger locator forms ….  took me an hour to do mine, the night before our journey back, tired after packing up caravan, taking down awning and getting it ready for storage, and then Mr Meadowsweet had a problem as it would not recognise the jpg photo of this vaccination status so we gave up. Telephoned the helpline twice the next day en-route to Caen - on hold for 30 minutes each time, what a surprise, so gave up on that too.  Was late arriving at our hotel in Caen due to us taking the wrong turn and headed towards Le Havre and the satnav not seeming to notice!  Added another 60 miles on to journey, so too tired and late for dinner to call helpline again or retry form.  Then he had a strop and said they will let him in without the form as he can prove vaccination status etc.  I thought not.  And I was right, haha not for the first time....


A very pleasant French border official who spoke excellent English helped us through it - we hadn't realised that we could skip the section on proving vaccination status!  Note to Self:  Don't try completing this form when tired!


We ended up being the last vehicle on the ferry due to this delay.


Biogroup test results came back negative although how much credence they have with the recently publicised incorrect Covid test results who knows?


Get back to Portsmouth - traffic congestion, delays and jams, litter and it appears that hardly anyone under 55 wearing a mask.   Welcome to Britain, our Covid rates are a disgrace compared to Europe.  1,000 deaths a week but somehow that is now acceptable??


PS - did not see one car with a UK sticker!  All GB including us!



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