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Car brand owner age perception


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On 06/08/2021 at 10:01, Flatcoat888 said:

I have to agree. I am not knocking JLR for the sake of it, I love their designs, ability of the L/R products and my sons RR Sport SVR was a hoot to drive and unlike his Evoques utterly reliable. I once had an FL2 bought used. In comparison with the VW i came out of it had poor fit and finish and broke down twice needing recovery on both occasions while in Europe with caravan. Totally Appalling dealer attitude both here and abroad was such I sold it after 11 months. 

I couldn’t agree more.


The old adage ‘it’s not that a horse falls….it’s how it picks itself up that matters’ is applicable to  LR.

I’ve only owned 2 LR cars both Discoveries and both developed faults which were either expensive to repair or unfathomably difficult to diagnose and rectify by the local dealer. But the way the dealer conducted themselves has left me with a nervousness as to what might go wrong next, and if they will be able to resolve it in a sensible timescale. (Currently waiting for fault reported in March to be sorted)

I am seriously shying away from further European holidays not because of Covid but because of a strong sense of vulnerability towing with a LR tug away from the UK. 

I’ve never felt like this with any other car in the past.



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The issue that totally pee’d me off was one fault I was told needed a new ECU that would take 2-3 days to fit and cost ££££’s. They hadn’t even put a fault code reader on the car but somehow managed to diagnose it. My local L/R specialist told me all it needed was a new key. Known fault whereby the key had lost its code. Took 30 mins to code new key. 

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I've had a few Mondeos as company cars and as a dyed in the wool Austin-Rover man it hurts me to say they were very good both towing and solo. The ride was better than my Rover 420 and the handling equally as good although the Rover petrol/manual powertrain was much better particularly performance wise . In the later diesel powered cars I didn't find much to choose between the Peugeot DW10 and Fords own Puma and Lynx engines. (50 odd mpg with a diesel on the motorway regardless of how fast you go )

I experienced DW12 which is 2.2 litres and has balancer shafts in Freelander2 and Evoque (both 6 speed Jatco and 9 speed ZF9HP autos). Ingemium with ZF9HP is just about a couple of mpg better and more refined but not a massive step.

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On 04/08/2021 at 15:49, Graham over 70 said:

We are Citroen fans through and through.  Currently tow with a 2.0 diesel DS5, a fantastic tug, as was our previous car, a C5 estate 2.0 diesel.  My wife has a C4 Cactus (not for towing) which she loves.  We are also very lucky in that we have a superb local Citroen dealership.


Mrs H's C3 is our 23rd Citroen since 1978. She says she would like an SUV, maybe a Mazda CX- 5. I replaced my 16-year-old Citroen C8 with a Jaguar S-Type in 2019. We are 67 and 69.

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