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Thule fan and Propex Heater blowing fuses


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I'm looking for some advice on a good bit of electrical malfunctioning in my van. The main issue at present is that our thule ominvent fan and our propex HS2000 heater blow their fuses instantly as soon as the circuit is live. The cables and connections are intact - I even went as far as putting up completely new cable from the fan down to the fuse box. We accidentally left our skylight open when we were driving in the rain before this happened so I wondered if this has damaged something? When I went in the back of the van to shut the skylight I noticed the fridge had turned off then back on and the fuses for fan and propex were broken. I also wondered if there was some sort of a surge in the system as we found a melted 12volt USB plug on the same day that the fan broke (prior). All very strange as things have been working fine for 6 months .

Does anyone have any advice on how I can proceed before bucking and buying a new fan? Most electricians I've found are booked up for months or don't deal with 12volt! 



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What exactly is this 12V USB plug? 

Is it a mains 240V socket with USB socket or a 12V DC socket with USB socket? 

I ask as USB sockets are 5V.


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I think your roof fan is a clear cut case of water has got into the unit, causing a short. 
Don’t have ideas on the heater, you seem to suggest this is on a separate fuse to the roof fan. Did the unit also get wet?  
How do you know the fridge turned off and back on? 
It’s unlikely that you have had a surge in the 12v system. This could only happen if the charger is faulty (wet?) or your car is faulty, but the equipment in the van should withstand 15v without issue. 
The USB   Again, could this have gotten wet?  Although I would expect the vans fuse to blow. 
Another thought, the habitation relay should shut down van systems when connected to car, and engine running

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It's a 12volt DC USB socket! 

I can't imagine the heater got wet at any point and neither did the plugs but i wonder if their connections could have been loose but i still don't see how the fuses didn't break as it has an inbuilt fuse and one on the fuse board. 

I noticed the fridge was off when I ran into the back to shut the skylight but it turned back on almost instantly once the van was off. 

Now that you mention a faulty charger - our DC2DC would have been running before this happened and after the incident it would still turn on but no charge would get through to the battery. I wonder if this could be the culprit? 

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