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Truma external pump

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Hi, I've got an Elddis superstorm 2007. It has an on board water tank which I don't use. When using the external pump from the barrel the pump doesn't stop running when the taps are closed. I've just replaced my kitchen tap as it had a small leak but this hasn't cured the problem. Could it have anything to do with the on board tank or is it more likely to be 1 of the microswitches on either the shower or washbasin? I borrowed another pump to check that my pump wasn't faulty, that did the same.

All advice welcome. Cheers.

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If you have microswitch taps, it’s almost certainly one has failed. 
If you can access the wires to individual taps, and remove one of the wires, by a process of elimination you will find the faulty one (don’t overlook that more than one may have failed) 

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Find out what is happening?

If pump is running constant where is the water going  to..?? do you see any big leaks...Is the outside water tank emptying..??

Does the pump just pump up to its maximum pressure a keep running whether a tap is on or not.??

Does pressure at taps seem very high or very low.

If very low and no leaks maybe pump has failed or overheated due to running dry earlier or maybe siezed.

If pressure is very high try adjusting the pressure switch on the line.

Is the bacterial filter blocked..??

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