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Caravan servicing costs.

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                         I’ve just taken my Elddis Xplore for a service with a nationwide main dealer and been charged an extortionate (in my opinion) £295 big ones.

Have I been ripped off or is this the going rate?



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I pay that for a twin axle, singles are about £200, but my dealer (and others) have two rates, one is a discounted amount if you purchased the caravan from them. £295 is a lot for a single axle in my opinion.

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call some other dealers/service centres/mobile mechanics and ask them what they would charge

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Did they not say how much a service was going to cost before you instructed them to  carry out the work.

Anything in writing stating what was inspected  tested 

or did they have to carry out other works apart from a service.



honestly there is  not a lot to service on a caravan.



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I’ve taken the van there before and I didn’t get charged as much as this.

I will pay it this time but once bitten,twice shy,I won’t be taking it there again.

My local independent motor garage services my Renault Captur and my wife’s Kadjar and charges less than £300 notes.

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I suggest next time you ask for a price before going ahead, regardless of whether you use these people or another company. 


Unless otherwise stated all posts are my personal opinion 

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There is not a lot to actually service on a caravan - the mechanical bits (brakes, hitch etc.) are the main items. But there is a lot to test/check if a proper job is done. I watched my mobile engineer perform the service on my van and he was incredibly thorough. For example in addition to all the important gas/12v/240v supplies and appliances and thorough damp examination he did loads of what might be regarded as more trivial checks e.g. floor level 'gas' ventilation, all internal lights (in addition to driving lights), carbon monoxide monitor and  every window/ cupboard/draw operation and catch. None of it difficult but it all takes some time and labour is the major cost of the service. £295 is only slightly the high side for a single axle if at all.

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I may be going against the flow here but the last time I paid for a service (single axle) it was £120 so the prices quoted seem outlandish.

I am fortunately (at the moment) able to inspect and adjust the brakes and similar items myself plus I am intensely aware of any changes that may be damp, including having my own meter.

My major point is that  there is a VERY long list of check this, inspect that which owners are doing as part of using the van and can therefore be taken off the "service" list leaving a much reduced time requirement.

There should be a menu price where you can get a brake service/gas test/damp test etc as YOU require.

As a 10 year old van owes us nothing, I will (as long as I can) continue to service based on condition i.e. no need to remove drums every year (providing normal, for us,  mileages/nights away remain) and fix things as (or before) they break down.

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Got ours back from service this afternoon, all is well, WHOO HOO :D highest damp reading is 14%. Cost was £190 all in. Posts in some other topics to follow shortly. ;)

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21 hours ago, DougS said:

There should be a menu price where you can get a brake service/gas test/damp test etc as YOU require.


Whilst that option most likely will not be available at dealers premises, any decent Approved Workshop Mobile engineer should have such pricing in existence, particularly for vans out of warranty.


Unfortunately vans still within warranty period must have servicing as demanded by the makers.

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We paid £240 for ours in Glasgow at a fixed but not franchised dealer. The price will vary with location, London and the South will be the most expensive and dealers will have higher overheads so tend to cost more. £295 looks a bit high, but possibly a better bet if they do the job well, rather than a cheaper one that cuts corners, so do check out their reputation. 

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I bought a three year service agreement with my (Bailey) dealer in Dorset which is right on the south coast.  It worked out at £200 a year. So your £295 looks very expensive to me.


Vote with your feet next year? 

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£180 at NCC and Swift approved fixed workshop in N Notts - single axle

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the mobile servicer i use has 3 options - full service, habitation and chassis.


for my little spectrum 215 the prices are 220, 165 and 130 respectively 

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