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Morco water heater issue

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We have a Morco G11E installed in our caravan however we are having issues with it and had 2 gas engineers out and they don't know what the issue is and want to replace to full unit but before we agree I am just wondering if you had any advice on the solution based on the issue?


The hot water runs perfectly at all times however when you try to cool it down it gets to a point where it goes cold, the boiler is still lit however on pilot only, as soon as you turn the cold down the boiler fires back in and you get boiling hot water. The issue is it's way to hot and you can't get it to a usable temperature. The water pressure is very good on site, in fact better than at home. This has only just started happening so I believe its a boiler issue. Over the last 12 months we have replaced to ignition full unit as that failed and also the pilot light unit as the boiler kept cutting out randomly. We have the knobs on the boiler at max not sure if this is correct?


If you have any advice I would appreciate.


Many thanks


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Try turning the water inlet flow off, then turn it on by 1/8th if not sorted try a little more etc.

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The boiler water temperature is controlled by the selector on the front of the boiler.

Set it to give you water at the temperature you want, if left on Max, that is what you will get.


You should NEVER obstruct the water inlet , it MUST be fully open at all times.

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