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WS6933 sat finder -what satellite to chose with sky Q

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I have sky Q and correct wideband LNB - sometimes we can set it up OK when away in van - sometimes in takes ages. We bought a skyline WS6933 meter. I have watched youtube on setting this up for wideband use. I have changed the low frequency to 10410,  Frequency to 11594, Symbrate to 27500 and polarity to vertical. If anyone has one of these meters and has sky Q can you tell me if these are correct settings for sky Q and also I could find nowhere to tell me what satellite to chose from list - Is E 28.2 Ku-Astra the right one - thanks Cecil


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You only need to look for any satellite at 28.2E. Normally this will be Astra but on some of these machines Astra 28E is missing so something adjacent will do (see Lyngsat). The fact that Sky Q operates slightly differently from 'normal' Sky matters not - the signals all come from the same place. Once you have found the satellite cluster and correctly aligned your dish it should all work.

During alignment generally though not a rule, horizontal adjustment will affect signal strength most, and vertical alignment will affect quality - and it is signal quality that matters.

If you have an Android smartphone that has a compass, download (free) Satellite Director which uses the compass to find the exact direction and the camera with the compass to show exactly where the bird is in the sky. This helps because you can see if there are any obstacles (i.e. trees) in the way. The dish does NOT need to be high up; provided it has a clear view between ESE and SE (in the UK) it will work well even at ground level.


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Hi Cecil.

i have emailed details to you.










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