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Cant get battery working

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Am I missing something? Battery was flat, now charged (11v reading when I test it). When mains power is plugged out...how to I get the van working from the battery? When mians is plugged in, the 'battery caharger' switch is set to '1' and all works. Also, should the mains power charge this battery? Thanks in advance.


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Erm - 11v is a dead battery, very dead. Older caravan battery meters are notoriously inaccurate. But that reading would be truly bad. I'd get the battery tested if you're not sure how to do it yourself.


The 12v systems should just work with a good battery installed providing the tow vehicle is unplugged and the main van power switch is on.


I would say check the battery inline fuse, but I wouldn't expect the battery meter to work without mains power in that case.

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Ok, good and thanks for this TinShack.

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