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Dirty silicone

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Hi guys 


what can I do or get to clean the silicone on the caravan.


thanks in advance 

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Have you tried searching via Google or Youtube on how to clean silicon as I dont think silicon used on a caravan is different from other silicon used on a number of other applications. It is either internal or external and you have not said which is yours.



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I have in the past used cream cleaner and then rinse off with clean water..

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Are you sure it’s silicone sealant? Depends on the year and the manufacturer as various sealants are used but rarely silicone. My 2018 Sprite roof sealant sometimes looks as though it has black mould on it, I use a strong detergent and an old toothbrush.

2018 Volvo V90 and 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB

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fwiw ...

With same issue (as a self confessed ocd Caravan & Car cleaner).

Have used with great success Car Brake Cleaner with a toothbrush & Kitchen Roll to wipe up. It will dissolve / clean off the dirt off quickly (as is Alcohol based) but also partly the silicone / sealant so do take care.

Sometimes if the sealant has got purple / grey patches then Farecla G3 Polish with a micro fibre cloth can clean off the surface layer and vastly improve finish - pretty tedious job but rewarding result. A blunt screwdriver head wrapped in microfibre cloth with some G3 can assist in getting pressure into the gaps. Over Wax once cleaned off.

Do find when washing the Van using a microfibre sponge and rubbing the sealant edges during the shampoo stage or agitate with a toothbrush can clean & improve the edges & sealant. 

Purchased a 4 year old Swift in 2010 that had been stored & was basically un-washed under trees for 3 years and had terrible mould & stained sealants - resolved fully to look as new after 3 days of above methods.

Enjoy !


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Last week I reseal one of out windows and found brake cleaner very good at cleaning the sealant to my surprise, but it does also soften the sealant to an extent- which did actually help me as I was re-sealing.

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