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Been playing around with wheel security this week. its all off eBay and F Book market place so its cheap but in layers useful for my purposes.


I fitted a Kojack jack plate lift system,brought it brand new in the box still for £60. I brought a set of two winter wheel stands for £20 never been used and donkeys years old. They sit a little to low for my liking but the caravan is sat on axle stands anyway so they are 50mm off the floor. not overly impressed. i did manage to find new old stock of the padlock cover plates for £12 for two inc postage, boy are those cheap nasty padlocks. anyway its a stop gap for now so they can stay. Just to play safe we installed the old wheel clamps over the top of the winter wheel covers anyway for extra help. Theres nothing there a battery grinder cant flick past that's for sure, but as there was nothing there before its a start at least.







also managed to get hold of some fibreglass decking to cut up as load spreaders for the wheels and the corner steadies.three large ones and six smaller ones, the sheet was four foot by two foot and cost a £10 locally for sale



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I recently had my van stolen (and recovered). The thieves used gas cutting equipment to remove the 2x AL-KO locks and the hitch lock. (They also defeated and removed the alarm)
Clearly, if they want it, they will have it. 
I think that more physical devices, that will take longer and longer to remove, is probably the best hope, but not guaranteed. 

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1 hour ago, hedgerowpete said:

totally agree thats why i have made my own wheel clamp this week







I do like your welding bench over cans of petrol. :o:rolleyes:;)


One thing about winter wheels, unless the scroats come with some wheels of their own, a gas axe or plasma cutter won't be much use to them. :lol:


P.s. Two strips of that fibreglass decking makes a good sand ladder for jockey wheels, especially the hard narrow ones, on soft ground or gravel when using a motormover, run to the end of one strip, lay the next and so on.

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In regards to “winter wheels” just check your insurers conditions when using them. Some companies insist on locking wheel nuts if you use them. (Caravan guard being one) 

Experience is something you acquire after you have an urgent need for it.

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