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Great Service from CCC Insurance

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On our return yesterday from a one thousand mile round trip 'up north' we found that our Fleetwood Heritage 560-4 was minus the big Remitop Slide/Tilt rooflight! It fell off somewhere on the way home but I don't know where. Unfortunately, it is now made of unobtainium, so a complete replacement unit was required.

 I got on to the Aegis Claims dept this morning and put in a claim for a new one. I was worried that they wouldn't pay, maybe suggesting that I hadn't checked it before leaving...

The helpful lady said go ahead and buy one as it's pouring with rain right now and she would sort it for me. I sent some pics and the receipt for £543.95 for a HEKI DeLuxe from Jacksons and almost by return I got the notice that the money (less £100 excess ) would be paid into my account next week. I'll be fitting it myself as then I can be sure of the job...

Brilliant service.



Umbrella Rooflight.jpg

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Good to hear, we had good service when we had a claim. Like the umbrella over the hole!

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