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Check this bit if your waste tank leaks


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I noticed that the large main seal (the one that seals the sliding shutter assembly, not the smaller one that seals the shutter face) was weeping slightly when taking the waste tank for emptying so purchased two new seals, the large main seal and the smaller shutter face seal.  Ours is a C260 in a 2018 Swift Group caravan but most are the same.  I used genuine Thetford seals, the instructions were okay but the pictures not clear, however, it's straight forward.  


The main assembly turns anti clockwise to remove it from the tank, this was quite stiff, made worse I suspect by the leaking having contaminated it's surface.  Before fitting the new seal I had a good look at the recess in the tank that it seals against and discovered some "flash" from the moulding process in the recess, this was where it was leaking from and was preventing the seal from doing it's job properly.  It was carefully cut away with a Stanley knife, the main seal and the shutter seal replaced before screwing it all back together.


As this fault was where the mould tool closes/where the halves are welded together it probably affects a good many waste tanks, so if you do replace your seals, inspect all the mating faces carefully before putting it back together.





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2018 Volvo V90 and 2018 Swift Sprite Quattro EB

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