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On 24/06/2021 at 11:56, tonyradstone said:

I have a Three MiFi, which came unlocked.

For my trips away I get a Smarty sim (part of Three) which has no contract and each top up is valid thirty days. My current top up is £18 a month (Down from £20 in 2020) for unlimited data , works well with my Amazon Firestick , Ipad, Laptop  etc.  


I didnt realise you could you regular Talk / text & data SIM's in MiFi units nowadays. I recall trying this a couple of years ago and 'regular' PAYG  SIM cards wouldnt work for me? It looks like Smarty SIM's work in MiFi, has anyone else tried the other networks to see if they also work? Or have I missed the point completely and you are in fact just buying a data only bundle on Smarty :unsure:

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On 23/06/2021 at 19:36, sibillini said:



The Nighthawk is as you say costly at £280 and more complicated than I want/need. The Aircard AC797 would be ideal but no TS-9s ports unfortunately. 


Thanks anyway.

Ive got one of these, works OK for my needs and pretty cost effective at £50 / £70 depending if its on sale. It also has dual TS9 ports:


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