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Building a new bus bar system

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I wanted to add a few Victron items but also wanted to try to retain as much as possible for when we sell the caravan on.


Its easier to add a simple fuse system and bus bar at the same time.


I went to here for ideas, but the main issue is no alternator input on a caravan.



My version was going to use cut down copper pipe as the busbar material, i did think of flattened 22mm copper pipe as well.



I opted for aluminium flat stock instead 50mm by 5mm and tried several designs on 5mm grid square paper. I came up with this as my design.


I know it as "nicked off the sparky" some call it Paxolin or trespa and or resin board. But I call it "mine"


Roughly its  like this finished


I have a positive side pre switch which allows for permanent outputs, solar inputs battery connections and so on. The neg rail is lower right and the fused links are left side.


Negative bus bar. M10 and M8 and M6 bolt connections as well as  8 way dis block to 6mm2.



Positive inputs, M10 battery bolt. dis block allows for permanent feeds and or solar inputs and charging inputs



Fused side, allows two M8 bolts for large take off's and fused else where. all the lower blocks are for the fuse links and lower take off points.



White blocks represent fuses



I planned for six out puts for max flexibility, and for future uses else where.



All done on the back garden workshop bench, lol.



Yes you can buy the parts but where's the fun in  that?

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