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Regulator Query

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We have a new caravan with a propane regulator already fitted. We connected up our bottle and tried the cooker. We could hear gas flowing and I left it clear for a few minutes before igniting. When I tried again the flame from the small ring on the cooker was massive (about 15 inch's in width) I cut out the gas straight away and we are awaiting a gas installer to check out the cooker and regulator. The bottle is a 34kg propane bottle,the van says that a 37mbar connection is required. The regulator fitted says "1 - 4mbar". Does anyone know if the regulator is causing the huge flames from the cooker? I presume if we get the regulator swapped over to a 37mbar one it will fix it? Just hope it's not the oven that's faulty.

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We had a whiff of propane in our 2020 Buccaneer. Checked EVERYTHING! Bought two new hand wheel operated tails from a bottle gas company in HD (!) for under £20 - fixed.  You dont say where or what the regulator is. Is it an auto change over or is it simply a standard regulator on the end of the tail. If its a new van then the issue if with your dealer. If there is no smell in the van then its my guess simply to swap the regulator and try again.

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It sounds as though the fitting you have isn't a regulator at all, but a 'tap'.


If the caravan isn't a recent model with a bulkhead regulator fitted (now required by law on new vans), then yes, you need to fit the correct regulator at the bottle.


I had a similar issue with a connector I bought in a diy warehouse in Spain for using a gas bottle off the van with a BBQ. Gave me a heck of a surprise and singed all the hair off one arm!



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Posted (edited)

1-4 Mbar is an extremely low pressure and if it did pass gas at that pressure I doubt it would keep a pilot flame burning.


As Jampot says, it could be a tap/valve, but if so I can' understand the 1-4Mbar marking.


As others have said, a regulator can be mounted in two places on the bulkhead, with a tail, ( pipe ) screwed into the gas bottle at one end the other end screwed into the regulator on the bulkhead.


The other way has a regulator screwed into the gas bottle, with a pipe from this regulator going to the caravan gas connection.


Are you sure the ' reg ' you have says 1-4Mbar and not 1-4 bar ( see 3 below)


Which one does yours use ?


Just noticed you have a static, regs on statics are normally mounted on an outside wall, some with a manifold that allows two bottles to be connected with a changeover valve, but some get changed to a bottle mounted one when a changeover system goes faulty.


Have you had a look at regs on other vans on the site ?


To get flames that big it points to excess pressure, which can be caused by 1) there not being a reg. fitted and you have bottle pressure at the burner, 2) a correct but faulty reg, unusual because they normally fail safe, 3) an incorrect regulator which allows higher outlet pressures up to 4 bar for such as gas fired forges and metal work ovens, and 4) if a bottle is used on its side it can allow liquid propane into the reg and pipework  where it quickly turns to a high pressure high volume gas.


Let us know which reg you have, I was going to say post a photo of the item with 1-4 Mbar on, but you can't.

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22 hours ago, Silversurf said:


Let us know which reg you have, I was going to say post a photo of the item with 1-4 Mbar on, but you can't.




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