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Blisters (Thread copied from Motorhome Talk)


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Posted March 24, 2021

Hi all, a good friend of mine has Swift Escape M/home which has GRP rear and sides. When cleaning it today he noticed small blister like bumps on both the rear panel and on one side (rear top area). Has anyone else come across this problem and any idea what causes it. He is going to contact the dealer about it and have it resolved but he's obviously worried that it might occur somewhere else. 

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Hi Keith

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You can get crazing in fibreglass panels where the gel coat starts to break up. I had that on a Swift caravan once but it was repaired under warranty and remained good through my ownership. Bubbles suggest air in the gel coat? Odd that he has it in two places? If it's still in warranty I expect Swift will authorise the dealer to have a gel coat repair. I think it's fairly unusual but probably a very close look over the rest of the van to make sure there are no hidden problems would be a good idea before taking it to the dealer.


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Blisters are normally a sign of a previous repair from some time ago.  It's extremely common and normally you will see a larger area around the blisters that is a slightly different colour or a faded patch.  

GRP can break down, but we'd normally see that on a Motorhome between 2002 and 2006 that's either really low mileage or spent a lot of it's life in Europe.  Rarely do we see this on anything older than 2007. 


There is nothing wrong with repairs to GRP if they are done properly and maintained correctly and to have blisters appear suggests the owner didn't regularly wax the Motorhome. 


I can normally confirm by a photo if you have any. 

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Thanks Paul,

I've passed your offer on to our MT member


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