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Garage and Bikes (Thread copied from Motorhome Talk)


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Posted March 29, 2021 


We are considering the purchase of an Adria Compact DL. To date we have only looked at online brochures and YouTube vid's. Its difficult to know if the garage will fit two bikes, one being a large ebike, a dutch style step through bike. Does anyone have this model of motor home and use the garage to transport bikes. Some advice on how they fit and are secured would be great (photo's) if possible. The dealer say's they will fit, easy for him to say!!

Thanks in advance.



I am afraid that I cannot help with your specific model. I do know however that the garage on our MH will only take a couple of folding bikes (part folded to lower the handlebars when turned through 90deg). I cannot fit our electric mountain bikes in, owing to the height of both handlebars and saddle even when in their lowest position. One restriction for us is the size of the access hatch.

In your position, while not ideal, you'll probably have to employ a rear wall mounted bike rack for full size Dutch-style bikes.


Hopefully someone with the same model as you will be able to add more information.




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