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Leisure batteries (Thread copied from Motorhome Talk)


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Posted March 26, 2021 

Has anyone fitted a new leisure battery to their motorhome. I’ve just taken off my old battery which is a Deta DG80 it states 80ah (20h) 90ah (100h) do I have to fit the same spec battery or can I safely fit a better battery!

Thanks Alan


Hi Alan, fitting a larger capacity Ah battery should have no adverse effects.

I have 2 leisure batteries all connected in line with the cab battery charged by engine, hook up & solar panel rated at 100ah which provides for longer usage time.



Similarly I also have a bank of three leisure batteries that are charged from the engine alternator with priority being given to the chassis battery.

You can install a higher capacity battery to your motorhome will no ill effects however do check the new battery will physically fit, and if the connection leads are restrictive, it may be necessary to ensure the positive and negative battery terminals are in the correct orientation. They can vary as shown below.



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