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Isabella Isafix Clamp size

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Needing to buy some new clamps but not sure of the size!


The INNER pole is 26mm - so do i need 26mm clamps or 30.5mm clamps which is the OUTSIDE pole size???

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I think the Carbon X poles take 26mm fittings and the steel ones 22mm


At least I hope so as I just bought a bunch of clamps and the Bayonet ends!!

On reflection maybe I cocked this up. Or maybe not!!


Just found:


Available for 26mm or 30.5mm pole diameter. The standard 250 and 300 cm deep isabella awnings use 26mm for the leg poles and 30.5mm for roof poles. The porch awnings minor and magnum only use 26mm diameter poles.

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cheers for that, but its an old 2nd hand ventura awning with a mix of poles - so all i know is the INNER part of the telescoping pole is 26mm. The outer part is 30.5mm. So it is really not clear to me what the correct size of clamp is?


But it is a roof pole, and IIRC (caravan in storage) the leg poles did look smaller.

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There are two sizes of Isafix clamps:  22-26mm, and 26-30.5mm.

Isabella (and Ventura) roof poles are 30.5mm with an inner pole size of 26mm, and so need the larger clamps. The legs are 26mm with an inner pole size of 22mm, and so require the smaller clamps.

Take a look at the Penrose website


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